Progress Together Between Companies

VDA: learn about digital procurement from other companies

Your Goal : Understand new procurement solutions and define an action plan based on best-in-class benchmarks quickly and effectively

Our Beliefs

  • Decisions on new digital solutions are blurred by a lot of marketing buzz
  • Large companies acquire know-how on “new” and trending subjects through experimentation
  • Companies have a lot to share and learn from their peers
  • Peer to peer exchanges are a highly effective way of building a vision and a roadmap
  • Real-life experience of operational teams provides an unbiased fact-based point of view

How TOLSON Can Help You

  • TOLSON has created Vision Digital Achats which includes over 25 multinational companies that exchange on various topics such as: data quality & analytics, supplier information, B2B marketplaces, chatbots, P2P simplification, RPA, community management, startup management…
  • Participants per workstream meet monthly and attend events organized by TOLSON. TOLSON is responsible for the overall structure and organization of the project, we also  scout the market for experts, vendors and startups.
  • Workstreams produce a vision and a roadmap based on experience
  • This method of working is a revolution in consulting! Knowledge is directly shared between peers without the filter of a solution provider or a consultant.

Industry : Boost your Operations Transformation

A highly structured peer-to-peer program to boost the Digital Transformation of your Operations

Learn from your peers’ best practices and REX

Cooperate to investigate on your top priorities

Develop your current & future “4.0 managers”

Meet with innovative providers

Enhance Innovation with Suppliers

Your Goal : Leverage suppliers to create value

Our Beliefs

  • Suppliers have much more to offer beyond just cost reduction
  • True value creation with suppliers requires a relationship based on mutual trust between client and supplier, structured dialogue and a systematic process

How TOLSON Can Help You

  • Define an SRM framework
  • Plan and moderate key meetings between supplier and client
  • Design and moderate a summit with key suppliers
  • Facilitate the relationship with startups
  • Change buyers behaviors to focus more on value creation

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