TOLSON is a unique, innovative and vibrant consulting firm

Our Offer

Leverage the collective intelligence of Procurement to Progress Together

Progress Together

TOLSON is a unique consulting firm working on Procurement, Operations & Business strategy. For the last 10 years TOLSON supports global & local companies into their digital & organizational transformations.

We provide you with key services as innovative inter-companies communities, leverage collective intelligence to support your transformation & implement the most effective change management initiatives as the backbone of your journey.


Implement a more strategic procurement organization


Boost the digital transformation of your Operations


Make your CSR a performance enabler for your organization

Business transformation

Successfully deploy a new strategy or a new organisation

Communautés de benchmarking

Learn from your peers on Procurement, Operations and CSR topics

Our Beliefs

The foundation of our actions.

True collaboration is at the heart of agility, innovation, well-being at work and therefore success.

Employees know what to do when they understand and buy-in the objectives of their company.

Digital solutions can accelerate communication between people – not replace direct contacts.

They Trust Us