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We pride ourselves in our client relationships.

Formalize a vision

Conceptualize and simplify complex challenges

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Meet the Management Team

Thierry de Cassan

Managing Director

Bringing people and their points of view together, sharing knowledge that enriches each other, create the conditions for innovation ... that is what we have the ambition to achieve for all our clients.

Why start TOLSON? To make companies more humane. To strengthem teams. To help them mobilize around a common vision. To develop exchanges that make one grow. To build trust in collective intelligence. To do all this with an outstanding team and with customers who drive us higher.

Pierre Skapski

Head of operations & Industrie 4.0

As far as I can remember, I’ve always liked taking things apart, understanding how each part works and then putting everything back together. Later on, I learned that when it comes to more complex challenges, it takes more than just an individual to find a solution - it takes a team.
This is what TOLSON is about: bringing people together, making them feel and act as a team and supporting them in designing and bringing their ideas to life.

Tina Mashreghi

Head of Sustainability & Innovation

As a kid I used to say that when I grow up, I want to change the world and make it a better place. Now with TOLSON, I change companies to make them a better place for their most important assets: the people who work there! With TOLSON, I not only get to help others but I have fun doing it. We treat our clients like family, their well-being and success is important for us and we are personally invested in every assignment because we care.

Anne Perraudin

Head of Procurement Practice

At TOLSON, we are at the heart of a stimulating environment that strongly fosters innovation. This is done through the nature of our projects, our approach, and the interactions with our entire ecosystem.

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