Business transformation

Transform the company together, all together

We support companies workers to cooperate more efficiently to serve the strategy

At TOLSON, we like to work with the General Management of a company on a transformation project and LOVE to successfully implement it with the teams on the field.

Make a successful reorganisation or merger

Successfully set up an SSC

Making Departments true "Business Partners"

Boost management team cohesion

  • Analyse the impact on the field of organisational change or merger
  • Formalise an inspiring vision and project objectives
  • Build a change management master plan
  • Make each employee a transformation stakeholder
  • Decline the transformation into a roadmap at each level of the organisation
  • Analyse the impact of the SSC implementation
  • Engage team members on SSC ambitions and clear, shared objectives
  • Agree with customer entities on processes, tools, objectives, a service contract, governance and KPIs
  • Develop a service culture among the SSC workforce
  • Raise awareness among customer entities of the need to comply with processes
  • Related departments : Procurement, HR, IT, Finance…
  • Assess the current quality of the collaboration and the areas for improvement
  • Transpose “Business Partnering” into concrete elements: behaviours, rituals, governance, etc.
  • Organize interactive workshops between departments and operational staff to raise awareness of mutual constraints and objectives
  • Lead participants to commit to concrete and planned actions
  • Assess management team cohesion and identify hot spots
  • Define with the leader the framework of a stimulating plan
  • Create the conditions for free speech during a seminar
  • Help the team to agree on an inspiring project and its roadmap
  • Make sustainable a fluent and richer way of working together

Our customers

Our convictions

TOLSON’s motto is “Progress Together” and that says a lot about us, because we believe in the power of collective intelligence. Our support missions are therefore based on a few fundamental convictions:

  • Any transformation project starts by ensuring that the vision, ambition and objectives of a project are as clear and communicable as possible. This is essential
  • We only understand and take ownership of what we help to develop: all our projects leave room for co-construction with its stakeholders
  • The managerial line is the preferred channel for lively communication, but we design systems to prevent messages from getting confused or lost in middle management
  • Phygital: all our actions and events are based on both the effectiveness of new ways of communicating and the richness of face-to-face meetings
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The team

Thierry de Cassan Floyrac – Managing Director

+33 6 64 10 05 55

They talk about us

I am quite impressed by the speed of deployment of companies. If you compare where we were at the beginning of the year and now I see that we have all made big steps of change, we have also identified the challenges for the years to come. Extremely well structured.

DANONEOperations Director

By participating, I was confirmed several times on some choicesand this made my vision evolve. What I consider great are these workshop moments where we take a step back, review our ideas & take time to ask ourselves new questions.

BICIT Manufacturing Manager

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