Implement a more strategic procurement organization

Make the Procurement function a recognized contributor to company performance.

From the design and implementation of a transformation program or reorganisation to actions in the field aimed at improving collaboration between buyers and stakeholders and leveraging supplier innovation, TOLSON supports you in transforming your Procurement organisation to a key value contributor.

Transform & Onboard

Digital Procurement

Supplier Innovation

Sustainable Procurement

  • In the case of a transformation, major reorganisation or redesign of a Procurement roadmap, TOLSON will ensure that:
    • Input from stakeholders is captured
    • Key messages are understood and adopted
  • Design a digital roadmap
  • Ensure it is understood and adopted by buyers
  • Deploy the roadmap with success
  • Foster an innovation mindset in buyers
  • Leverage supplier innovation to create value
  • Organise a Supplier Summit that brings results
  • Engage internal stakeholders in supplier innovation
  • Define the Sustainable Procurement strategy and an evaluation matrix
  • Map Scope 3 upstream emissions
  • Organize workshops to ensure buyers have understood the company ambition on Sustainability

VDA - Leveraging collective intelligence for Procurement

At Tolson we are working in a revolutionary way of consulting: Progress Together! Knowledge is directly shared between peers without the filter of a solution provider or a consultant.

  • VDA is a unique initiative that relies on the collective intelligence of more than 20 large companies.
  • The mission they have in common is boosting their indirect procurement categories thanks to best practice sharing and innovative digital solution discovery.
  • Within VDA, TOLSON is responsible for the overall structure and organization the project.
  • Each year, we organize around 50 workshops and events with more than 400 participants…where we learned how to turn peer to peer exchanges into a highly effective way of building a vision and a roadmap.

Upcoming VDA sessions


Supplier innovation is more than just an event, but a way of working! We strongly believe that the role of Purchasing in innovation is to bring together the Business and Suppliers in a structured way.

TOLSON assists you to develop and deploy an end-to-end innovation system that onboards the business, management, suppliers and buyers from the identification of innovation needs up to the follow-up of innovation projects.


A company that does not take in to consideration Sustainability, has no future.


This is why TOLSON created The Sustainable Business Community (SBC), a community that gathers professionals working on Sustainability and CSR to progress together faster on common challenges.

SBC is more than a Club; our ambition is to address all your challenges in a very structured and organized manner through peer-to-peer discussions that produce concrete and actionable deliverables.

They trust us


  • We are more likely to adopt a change if we contribute to its conception.
  • As the “process owner” of the supplier relationship, buyers are a key player in innovation in the company
  • Direct exchanges between peers has a lot of value when defining a vision
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I am quite impressed by the speed of deployment of companies. If you compare where we were at the beginning of the year and now I see that we have all made big steps of change, we have also identified the challenges for the years to come. Extremely well structured.

DANONEOperations Director

By participating, I was confirmed several times on some choicesand this made my vision evolve. What I consider great are these workshop moments where we take a step back, review our ideas & take time to ask ourselves new questions.

BICIT Manufacturing Manager


Voices of VDA – Younès Daghri & Nicolas Werquin from Kingfisher 02:41

How the VDA benchmarking community can help you optimize your Procurement strategy

VI4.0 DAY 2019 2:39

Le 17 décembre dernier, TOLSON organisait VI4 Day, la journée de bilan du programme Vision Industry 4.0.

TOLSON Talks #1 – Industry 4 0 Pilars x BIC x Legrand 1:01:09

What are the pilars of the Industry 4.0 / Digital transformation? How Big companies like BIC & Legrand build their digital Operations roadmaps?

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Implement a more strategic procurement organization


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