Make your CSR a performance enabler for your organization

We support you to define & deploy concrete sustainability ambitions in your activities by involving internal stakeholders

We help you in deploying your sustainability roadmap from the Top Management to Operational teams by raising the awareness and engaging employees in company’s ambition.

Human Rights

Internal change management

GHG reduction

  • European mapping of sheltered labour market
  • Increase integration of more actors from the sheltered labour market in the business
  • Organization of a one-day event to strenghten the collaboration between the sheltered labour market sector and the company
  • Raise awareness and change mindset of employees
  • Better work with internal stakeholders on CSR topics
  • Maturity matrix on CSR engagement of employees
  • Support in the definition of the carbon reduction roadmap
  • Mapping of Scope 3 upstream emissions

SBC - Your Community on Sustainability

SBC is a peer-to-peer initiative gathering professionals working on Sustainability and CSR to progress together on common challenges
  • Meet peers & experts on Sustainability topics (e.g. EU taxonomy)
  • Share best practices & solve current challenges with peers
  • Learn from experts & from best in class examples
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Our Convictions

  • Today Sustainability is not anymore a matter of communication, companies need to act and deliver results
  • Sustainability is the key challenge of the next 30 years and only by developing an holistic approach involving different stakeholders will enable to progress on the topic
  • Working on concrete actions to involve employees in the Sustainability ambitions of the company is key to go beyond what is communicated
  • Communities inside companies will ensure results are met
  • Benchmarking with other companies is a key success factor to make sure to be on the right path
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The SBC Team

Tina Mashreghi – Manager

+33 6 44 31 92 11


I am quite impressed by the speed of deployment of companies. If you compare where we were at the beginning of the year and now I see that we have all made big steps of change, we have also identified the challenges for the years to come.

DANONEOperations Director

By participating, I was confirmed several times on some choicesand this made my vision evolve. What I consider great are these workshop moments where we take a step back, review our ideas & take time to ask ourselves new questions.

BICIT Manufacturing Manager


Scope 3 emissions reduction – Live session 00:58:04

Carbon neutrality is the biggest challenge of the next decades and Scope 3 emissions are the most difficult to track and measure. Watch the video to know more!

TOLSON Talks #2 – How to deploy Digital shopfloor x Danone 59:52

Which objectives for the digital shopfloor ? Which approach at each phase ? How to identify the best strategy for the different types of information & applications ?



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Make your CSR a performance enabler for your organization


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