TOLSON Digital Factory Awards

A cross-companies awarding program to celebrate factories achievements in their digitization journey

Our purpose? Celebrate, both internally & externally, industrial sites major achievements on the industry 4.0 pillars

Main principles

These awards recognise the work done by the teams to achieve ambitious goals within their department or production line.

Based on the 4 pillars of Industry 4.0, the purpose of this cross-companies awarding program “Digital Factory Awards” is to provide companies with an opportunity to reward and celebrate, both internally & externally, their sites for major achievements on:

  • Connected factory
  • Data analytics
  • Paperless
  • Automation

Last awarded sites

An award is granted for each major achievement of the plant on one of the 4 pillars

Vision Industry 4.0 - Community of manufacturing companies

A recognition by its peers

Digital Factory Awards have been designed with global manufacturing companies, members of a community powered by TOLSON and dedicated to Industry 4.0 implementation