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Industry is a community of European industrial companies that exchange and collaborate in order to accelerate the deployment of Industry 4.0 in their plants



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Best practices sharing sessions

4.0 lighthouses sites & most relevant initiatives

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Sessions to gather the community, work together on specific topics and meet disruptive providers

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Address companies’ hot topics and define the best way to solve them (benchmark, co-project…)

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Ready-to-use tools developed by industrial companies (maturity assessment…)

Industry in 90 seconds

Testimonials from participants

BICIT Manufacturing Manager

By participating, I was confirmed several times on some choicesand this made my vision evolve. What I consider great are these workshop moments where we take a step back, review our ideas & take time to ask ourselves new questions.

DANONEOperations Director

I am quite impressed by the speed of deployment of companies. If you compare where we were at the beginning of the year and now I see that we have all made big steps of change, we have also identified the challenges for the years to come. Extremely well structured.

EssilorLuxotticaManager for Automation Engineering

It gave us ideas for the future. It pushes our approach. I change some of my presentations reusing the key messages shared within the community.

DANONEOperations Digital Transfo Director

A part of the results Danone has achieved today is thanks to the community & its participants.
Thank you for creating this initiative and for making things possible.

HUTCHINSONChief Performance Officer

The 2020 activity added value to all of us. The exchanges have always been refreshing and eyes openers.

DANONEPerformance Director

The balance between the dicussion for things more mature & pure technical solutions that can be embeded in our processes, for me, it's something really interesting. It opens some possibilities for the future, new doors.

LEGRANDHead of Industrial Organization

Well organized, very interesting. It's a good thing to have both a synthesis of the exchanges with our peers & external insights from relevant providers.

DANONEDigital Operations Transformation

Thanks for your great work. Keep it up !
Great plan for 2021. I like the new approaches. I feel enthusiastic.

ARKEMADigital Manufacturing Project Manager

Very interesting, especially the level of transparency of the elements and roadmaps shared by the participants. It was really value-added content. Useful ideas, concrete examples and figures.

DANONEPeople & Performance director

Very comprenhensive, impressive job done by different groups over the year, and great performance from Tolson in summarizing all of it.

DANONEDigital automation & Performance

Great organization and great report from Tolson. The document is very nice, well presented and stick very well with all discussions during this year. Good job Tolson !

IMERYSProcess Manager - center of excellence

The evolution of the program goes in a good way for me. I like the proposed activities. I have really appreciated the presentation done by the different companies. It was very interesting to benchmark the different approaches and to see lots of common points.

HUTCHINSONDigital Operations Manager

So interesting to see the evolution of our confreres and how we improve and structure these new functionsI. The global result is so good and high level !
Bravo à toute l'équipe.

DANONEDigital Manufacturing Manager

It helps to see where we stand compare to other companies and is great to for getting some inspiration. Useful information and deliverables that we will use this year. Looking forward to keep collaborating.

LEGRANDPerformance & Organization

It is an unexpected opportunity not only to share our expertise but also to understand what other companies are doing. I would almost say that our roadmap was codesigned with TOLSON & the community, we all comforted each other by sharing the results of our initiatives and benefiting from each other's experience.

Our Beliefs

  • Companies learn faster when sharing with peers
  • Real-life experience and experimentation is of more value than slideware

What you will get from Industry

Save time and money

Develop your network

Onboard your sites into 4.0

Access to knowledge and tools

Engage your Operations Managers

And much more besides...

DOBok - Digital Operations Body of knowledge

Explore the outcomes of a 3-year exploration of Industry 4.0 by 16 major manufacturing companies

Digital Factory Awards - Award your factories

A cross-companies awarding program to celebrate factories achievements in their digitization journey

Digital Factories Booster Days

Boost factories’ engagement into 4.0 transformation through experience sharing with local sites Academy - Cross company training courses

A mutualized set of training sessions on 4.0 topics for all Industry companies

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    Next sessions

    IT / OT convergence

    • How to implement IT / OT integration?
    • How to create understanding and collaboration between IT and OT teams?
    • Design IT / OT training, build IT / OT site’s assessment…

    Smart automation

    • How to build a structured way of assessing a given site’s opportunities for smart automation (cobots, low-cost automation, AGVs)?
    • Deep dive in LCA
    • Fine tuning AGV project methodology & tools

    Process, flows, layout simulation

    • How to take the best out of simulation tools in order to reconfigure & optimize factories lay out and physical organization?

    Digital & remote shopfloor

    • How the deployment of mobile (and remote) solutions can be generalized, and which impact on the shopfloor’s organization?
    • Use cases


    • How to move from the quest for the unbeatable architecture to the implementation of the attack-ready organization?

    Additive manufacturing

    • How to deploy the use of additive manufacturing (AM) at larger scale?
    • How to test, qualify, redesign?
    • New materials and technologies
    • Ecosystems around AM

    Industry 4.0 performance

    • How to assess the actual value created by Operations digitization?
    • Move from deployment to performance KPIs

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