VDA Disruption Day

A unique chance to discover the most disruptive digital solutions for Procurement

Main principles

After the success of the first VDA Disruption Day in October 2020, TOLSON is now organising the 2nd edition of this amazing event – virtually, on February 2nd (9:00AM – 12:30PM).

The objective of Disruption Day is to help large companies discover innovative digital solutions that bring concrete value to their Procurement organisations.

This time you will have the chance to meet 6 disruptive solutions curated by our team :

Global Risk Profile (GRP),




Mazepay A/S and

Swile !

In only 3 hours, 6 providers will pitch their solutions then present them thoroughly in a 30 minutes session with a demo and case study. The event is fully interactive so you will be also able to ask your questions directly to the providers !

A part of VDA initiative...

Discover disruptive digital solutions that can bring concrete value to your Procurement organisation !