Community Management with Workplace by Facebook

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The VDA project has entered into its 3rd cycle and we are just finishing off with the kickoffs!

On May 29th for the kickoff of the workstream Community Management, we visited Facebook’s office in Paris. What better way to learn about community management than to go to the source and meet the experts.

The officers are completely open space and decorated with colors, posters and photos. Nicolas Farin, Head of Workplace Development in France, notes that despite the success of Facebook, the company still retains a remarkable spirit of continuous improvement. Thus, the ceilings are voluntarily maintained in an “unfinished” state: “there is always room for progress”. Other remarks: meeting rooms named by employees (how about a video-call over at Kim and Kanye?)

Indeed, the focus on employees is central, as evidenced by the free cafeteria overlooking a 360 ° terrace on the roofs of Paris.

Not bad, Facebook!

Of course, we weren’t there just for fun! Nicolas from Workplace by Facebook explained the three trends that are changing the way people work: the vast use of mobile phones, the advent of Generation Y, and increasing consumerism.

We also discussed how to use a corporate social network at best. Depending on the company’s goals, there are three ways:
1. BROADCAST: share information and receive feedback
• Example: Using live video for global meetings, and Groups to share important corporate news with all staff
2. COLLABORATE: manage teams and collaborate as communities
• Example: Shop, factory, or other managers interact with each other, share ideas, and leave comments
3. AUTOMATE: make business processes more efficient
• Example: Using custom bots and integrations to automate processes, such as knowing the status of an order in SAP

We finished off the meeting with a testimonial by Workplace client, Onepoint.

By the end of the meeting, we had summarized a handy list of best practices to take into account during the deployment of a corporate social network and during its lifecycle to ensure success!

All in all, we had a great event and TOLSON is looking forward to putting these best practices in, well, practice with the VDA Community 🙂

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