CPO Club: skill building and training buyers

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On Monday evening, TOLSON hosted its monthly CPO Club at the beautiful Châteauform venue in the 7th arrondissement.
The topic of conversation was skill-building and training buyers. Here are some takeaways after an enriching roundtable discussion:
1. The content of training courses is aligned with same needs for all participants, more or less

  • Specific purchasing training in order to improve procurement practices
  • Induction of a manager, especially when the manager is coming from another department other than procurement
  • General personal development courses organized at the company level
  • Company-specific training to understand company culture

2. As for the method, things depend strongly on the nature of the training and the company

  • e-Learning is growing in popularity but in person training is still essential for certain types of courses and to create a sense of community

3. One point strongly emerges: integrating training into daily life

  • Mentorship, feedback, concrete case studies, coaching by external actors on specific categories: the goal is to become a learning company

4. The cost of training is poorly understood and the return on investment is difficult to assess

  • Best method: evaluation by the employee AND his manager


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