Technical Communities

Attract, train and retain skilled technicians.

Sharing knowledge

How to spread and benefit from the technical knowledge inside the organization?

Retaining talent

How to attract and retain technical positions?

Getting better

How to become “the best place to work” for technical positions?


How we can help you

TOLSON assists you to formalize the objectives of building technical communities (the why), define their operating model and ramp them up: identifying the participants, designing the communication, moderating the kickoff and navigating the first months of deployment.

We lead you on the path to self-sufficiency and full ownership and equip you with tools to manage and develop your new community.


Our approach

At TOLSON our moto is “Progress together”: we believe that people deliver better when they are part of a strong community. Building such communities, either within or between companies is our daily job. We have developed a strong approach based on our experiences on this topic.

Scoping : We work with the sponsor team to fine tune the objectives of the communities. Then we go on the field to meet the target people and understand what will be their expectations and benefits in being part of such communities.

Preparation : We work with a multifunctional team (management technical position) to define the communities’ operating model.

Deployment : We ensure the first steps of the community e.g. moderation of kick off, communication, support in deploying new tools for managing the communities.

Handover : Since the beginning we work closely with an internal project owner to coach him/her and ensure he/she can quickly take full ownership of the communities’ management without future consulting support.


Is this offer for me ?

I am an Operations Manager

I want to maintain a strong technical know how within the company

I want to maintain a strong technical know how within the company.
By creating an innovative and stimulating work environment for technical people, you act directly on their performance (better know-how sharing) and commitment to the company.

I am a Training Manager

I want to involve the field more strongly in the course's creation process

I want to maintain a strong technical know how within the company.
By creating an innovative and stimulating work environment for technical people, you act directly on their performance (better know-how sharing) and commitment to the company.

I am a 4.0 project Leader

I want to spread the new technical solutions quickly throughout my company

Communities of peers are recognized as the strongest way to share knowledge and build up new capabilities. By implementing effective communities, you make sure to have a receptive audience for new solutions

I am an HR Manager

I want to reinforce the organization culture and identity.

Building an actively involved community increases interaction, boosts the sense of belonging to an organisation and strengthens the corporate identity.


These trust us.


Why we should work together.

At Tolson we are working in a revolutionary way of consulting: Progress Together! Knowledge is directly shared between peers without the filter of a solution provider or a consultant. We built our expertise through our successful projects, VDA and VI4 which focus on communities of sharing, putting people together with a proper organization in order to favor an effective and constructive sharing. VI.4 is a unique initiative that relies on the collective intelligence of more than 12 manufacturing companies. The mission they have in common is boosting their Operations transformation thanks to innovative digital solution. Within VI4, TOLSON is responsible for the overall structure and organization the project. We have organized more than 25 visits, 100 workshop, etc… where we learned how to turn peer to peer exchanges into a highly effective way of building a vision and a roadmap.


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