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TOLSON is a unique consulting firm working on Procurement, Operations & Business strategy. For the last 10 years TOLSON supports global & local companies into their digital & organizational transformations.

We provide you with key services as innovative inter-companies communities, leverage collective intelligence to support your transformation & implement the most effective change management initiatives as the backbone of your journey.


Boost the digital transformation of your Operations


Implement a more strategic procurement organization


Successfully deploy a new strategy or a new organisation


Make your CSR a performance enabler for your organization


Learn from your peers on Procurement, Operations and CSR topics



It is an unexpected opportunity not only to share our expertise but also to understand what other companies are doing. I would almost say that our roadmap was codesigned with TOLSON & the community, we all comforted each other by sharing the results of our initiatives and benefiting from each other's experience.

HutchinsonPerformance & Organization

The evolution of the program goes in a good way for me. I like the proposed activities. I have really appreciated the presentation done by the different companies. It was very interesting to benchmark the different approaches and to see lots of common points.

ImerysProcess Manager - center of excellence

Very comprehensive, impressive job done by different groups over the year, and great performance from Tolson in summarizing all of it.

DanonePeople & Performance director

It gave us ideas for the future. It pushes our approach. I changed some of my presentations reusing the key messages shared within the community.

EssilorLuxoticaManager for Automation Engineering

Very interesting, especially the level of transparency of the elements and roadmaps shared by the participants. It was really value-added content. Useful ideas, concrete examples and figures.

ArkemaDigital Manufacturing Project Manager

By participating, I was confirmed several times on some choices and this made my vision evolve. What I consider great are these workshop moments where we take a step back, review our ideas & take time to ask ourselves new questions.

BICIT Manufacturing Manager

Well organized, very interesting. It's a good thing to have both a synthesis of the exchanges with our peers & external insights from relevant providers.

LegrandHead of Industrial Organization



We are searching for new TOLSONites to help us do what we do best – even better !

Tolson is a unique firm that will give you the opportunity to grow, see concrete results of your expertise and help companies progress together.

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