Flash update: Visit to Station F, the world’s largest startup campus!

By 24 January 2018February 20th, 2019No Comments

On Tuesday January 23rd the team at TOLSON visited Station F in preparation of our upcoming meeting planned to be held on the campus in the context of the VDA Project.

Station F is the world’s biggest startup campus. At 58 meters wide, 310 meters long its about the same size as the Eiffel Tower laid down. At Station F, startups have access to a whole ecosystem so make their project into reality. You can find institutions dealing with intellectual property, taxes, research, visas, etc; a Tech Lab for IoT startups to prototype their products, investment funds, event space and much more.

In the context of the VDA Project, TOLSON is planning to hold an exclusive event for VDA participants to visit Station F. We will meet with a few selected startups to exchange on the do’s and don’ts of working with startups.

As always with TOLSON, our aim is to make people work better together, and working with startups is part of that equation.

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