TOLSON Digital ProcureMap

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TOLSON Digital ProcureMap

What are the latest digital tools that help boost Buyers’ performance ?

How to collect updated and relevant information on suppliers to manage risks ?

How to empower users and facilitate the purchasing process for them ?

 TOLSON ProcureMap has the answer !


Procurement digitalisation calls for time and resources, but it remains an urgent need. The first step in selecting the best suitable solution for your Company is having access to accurate and updated market information.

At TOLSON, our goal is to make people progress together and we hope to help you progress in the digitalisation of your Procurement function with our Digital ProcureMap : a  summarized presentation of around 200 digital disruptive solutions emerging on the market, identified through our Procurement benchmarking community (VDA) and constant market watch.

You can easily navigate through the document to discover and identify tools that can address a specific topic : 

  • Buyers’ essentials 

  • Self-service platforms

  • Other performance booster

Please fill the form to the right to get your copy of TOLSON Digital ProcureMap.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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