VDA Afterwork: Data Quality

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On Monday February 5th, TOLSON hosted its 3rd VDA Afterwork at the beautiful Chateauform’ venue in Paris.

What are these Afterworks? We know our clients are busy people and they may not have the time to meet and discuss with every service provider or software publisher that is on the market. That is why TOLSON organizes these Afterworks for our VDA members where we bring 3-4 often competing actors on the market to present their offer.

Previous themes included Marketplaces, where we invited 3 B2B marketplaces to present, and RPA, where again we invited 3 RPA providers. For the service provider the exercise can be difficult as it requires presenting in front of your direct competitors. But the trade off is exclusive access to CPOs and Purchasing Directors.

For VDA members, in the span of an evening they are able to see different solutions, ask their questions, and exchange with the providers directly in an informal setting.

This time around, we focused on data quality and the discussion was truly enriching. By data quality we mainly mean the capacity to cleanse and classify spend data thus allowing buyers to have a better, more reliable visibility on what they buy. With the help of our invited service providers, we got a better idea of the business model and ROI potential for these kind of solutions and both VDA members and our presenters were able to network.

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